Tashi Brauen

cadavre DU 1.Akt, 2021
Collaboration project with Chris Bünter at Dreiviertel Artspace, Bern

We understand the studio as a semi-public space. The artist brings things in, transforms them, and carries them out again. Incidentally, we see this process at every place of work.

In June 2020, in his studio at the Rote Fabrik in Zurich, Brauen showed to his guest Bünter works on paper that had been created during the lockdown in the spring period of the Corona pandemic: Monotypes in monochrome colors on pages of older DU magazines. The collaboration came about spontaneously. On Brauen's sheets, Bünter responds with collages.

A magazine connects the public with the private spheres. Our Cadavre Exquis process is intended to make clear the connection between the individual and the social: The interweaving of two worlds, namely that of Brauen with that of Bünter, that of past times with that of today and that of intuitive-creative action with that of the discursive of the audience.

For the presentation a booklet will be published, for which special works have been created. The edition contains 20 signed copies, 15 of which are numbered 16-30, the 5 VI-X numbered booklets are each accompanied by an original work.

The artistic collaboration, the exhibition, and the publication have been gratefully supported financially by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Giuseppe Kaiser Foundation, The City of Zürich and the Erna and Curt Burgauer Foundation.

Chris Bünter & Tashi Brauen, August 2021